This is a longitudinal study that will follow a cohort of children and young people in Aguascalientes from early childhood until their entry into the labour market. A socio-economic and epidemiologic profile will be obtained, including a) characteristics of parents and grandparents; b) current and retrospective history health profile of parents and grandparents, c) children's education and health profile in each wave.

This is an RCT that will estimate the impact of a virtual tutoring program that is designed to improve the degree of self-efficacy in students under risk of dropping-out high school. We expect that the intervention will reduce significantly the probability of drop-out. A total of 960 students from 42 high schools participate in the experiment.

The relationship between urban landscape and an individual's wellbeing is still not well understood, partially because it is difficult to individuals over time and record how they modify their behaviour upon changes in the urban landscape. This project will collect information on the urban characteristics of Aguascalientes over time using a mobile application, and will investigate how such changes correlate with fluctuations in individual wellbeing.

Educational Promotion National Council (CONAFE for its Spanish acronym) provides educational services in Mexican rural communities. This research estimates program effects on cognitive and social skills in children from 0 to 5 years, and caregiver’s practices. The sample is composed by over 1300 homes, in 126 communities and 6 states in Mexico